Hood River County Forest Daily Parking Permit

IMPORTANT: DAY PERMIT can only be purchased on the day of your visit.


An additional credit card processing fee of 46¢ will be collected by Stripe on this transaction

Only one permit may be purchased per online order. A small credit card processing fee will be added to your transaction. Thank you for supporting our trails system.

  • Revenue from the Parking Permit Program supports recreation and trails on County Forest Lands
  • Daily Parking Permit is only valid for one vehicle on date of purchase.
  • If you are purchasing at home, please print your Order/ID# email to use as Permit.
  • If you are purchasing at Staging Area, look for paper permit box at Staging Area kiosk. Write Order/ID# and License plate# in box provided. If no paper permits are available, please use a slip of paper to provide Order/ID# and License plate#
  • Hang Permit from rearview mirror or place on driver’s side dashboard with Order/ID# and License plate # facing outward and visible.
  • Remove permit from mirror before driving.
  • Absolutely NO replacement permits.
  • Do NOT block roadways, gates, entry/exit points.
  • Overnight Parking Prohibited in Day Use Areas.
  • Hood River County and the Forestry Department are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicle.